Friday, March 20, 2009

First Delivery to Bottomless Closet

I had problems finding battered women's shelters to donate to, since a lot of them have to maintain a level of secrecy to keep their clients safe. But I really wanted to do something for this segment of the population, and found Bottomless Closet. This organization helps women - mostly single moms who've gotten out of abusive relationships - pull themselves out of the gutter and get into the work force.

I've been planning this drop-off for over a month, but the weather this winter has been wayyy disagreeable. I brought about $250 worth of cosmetics, hair products and skin care items for them to include in their "goody bags". They do a beautiful job of making their "closet" of second-hand career clothing look like a department in Macy's.

The woman who handled my delivery asked if I'd collected these donations at my office or something. I guess it was quite a lot to come from one person - that felt kind of good to hear! It also tickled me knowing that I only paid about 10% of the on-sale value of the things I'd brought.


Anonymous said...

Bottomless Closet is a great organization. I've donated clothes to them several times and recently took their volunteer training. I'm also planning to go to their luncheon on May 7th.Maybe all your blog readers can join me.

Saver Queen said...

It's so cool that you got so much great stuff at only 10% of the retail price. Great work! It must make you feel proud that you donate an unusual amount of stuff - but also sad that more people don't do it on a regular basis.

Katie said...

SaverQueen, I recently reviewed the spending/saving summaries on my CVS receipts, where almost everything came from. It looks more like 2% of the shelf price :)