Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sorry, OCP

A few weeks ago, I tallied up coupons for shipping to an Air Force base in Okinawa on the train down to visit my mother. She voiced the same concern I had when I first started: how many of these coupons are actually useable for the recipients? I tried asking the folks who run the Overseas Coupon Program, but they didn't know the answer. She said I should stop wasting my time on clipping and my money on postage, and I was hard-pressed to disagree.

However, I've found a more effective way to help people with my unwanted coupons. I've joined a coupon forum, where I can offer up an envelope of coupons as a Random Act of Kindness. I could also trade them, which I may do after I move to a new apartment and find myself with less access to free Sunday circulars. So I continue to help budget-conscious Americans, just not necessarily of the military persuasion.

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Money Funk said...

I thought about doing the coupon thing, too. But was really apprehensive because I was also curious about how many of them get used. I guess that sort of thing would be hard to track.

Glad you found coupon forum. I will have to give them a peek.