Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I donate from my coupon capers

Now that I've finally dug out the download cable for my digital camera, I thought you might like to see the "haul" I've got on the go for my first visit to Bottomless Closet and my ~8th visit to the Homeless Youth Services shelter. I got most of this stuff free or nearly free...maybe $15 that I won't get back in rebates/rewards. Heck, that's like buying the cereal and getting all the other stuff for free (which is saying a lot for all that L'Oreal and Almay make-up!).

1 comment:

Money Funk said...

Hey girlie... you are definitely on a mission to make some teens happy!

Maybe your should start a consulting business on teaching other how to rack up all the cool stuff to donate to charity. ;)

Seriously, cool.